operations Apprentices

manage the inner workings of your business

Project Management

Manage projects, coordinate other employees and contractors, plan effectively, and serve as a point of contact for your clients and team.


Organize and schedule meetings or events, take notes, manage travel, run personal projects, manage email communications.

Business Strategy

Develop promotional strategies, analyze data, research new markets and client opportunities, and optimize market operations.

Problem Solving

Evaluate, implement, and create solutions to your biggest internal business obstacles.


Coordinate efforts between departments, schedule meetings and events, serve as the point of contact between departments and clients, help find new staff or vendors for specific projects.


Oversee supply chain management, manage customer service, liaise and negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers.


Case study

David testimonial bis dev
David Hill
Harvard College '23

As an Apprentice specializing in Project Management, I work in multiple roles for my entrepreneur including business development and scientific research. My time at Apprentice has been transformative. From the training provided by Dave & Rob to the hands on experiential learning work, Apprentice enables me to expand upon my professional skills in a way that would not be possible through a traditional classroom learning experience.

Mari testimonial biz dev
Mari Maloul
Cornell University '24

As a Project Management Apprentice for Omni labs, I specialize in company outreach, on-boarding interviews, and acquiring useful feedback for the company. I manage user interviews and interact with a variety of CEOs and established people in the tech industry to gain useful product feedback. I also work on creative projects and establish creative solutions into the company's daily work routine. My implementation of technical creativity is now taught widely throughout the company

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