Marketing Apprentices


Social Media

Build a strong social media presence, create beautiful content, improve follower engagement, and increase site traffic to turn followers into leads.

Content Creation

Create and distribute written, audio, or graphics content for marketing platforms, social media, website, email and blogs.

Website Design

UI/UX design, SEO management, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.

Email Marketing

Ensure user and mobile-friendly designs, proofread email templates, compile email lists, create custom email sequences.

Blog Writing

Write, edit, and publish new, relevant content. Create consumable, shareable content for target consumers.

Video Editing

Create Tiktok videos and Instagram reels utilizing trending audio. Create highlight reels and explainer videos. Turn one video into dozens of pieces of content.


Case study

Matt testimonial marketing
Matt Moore
University of Pittsburgh '23

Apprentice has allowed me to maximize my greatest strengths, reading, writing, speaking, and apply it in the marketing sphere. The combined power of words, research, and personal flare are key to messaging 21st century entrepreneurship. As a Marketing Apprentice at SpaceVIP and SpacePrize, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and learned an abundance of information about an industry I never thought I would encounter in my life: space exploration. Apprentice has shown me that the sky is truly the limit.

Mari testimonial biz dev
Ashara Wilson
University of Southern California '23

During my time with Apprentice, I have worked with three different companies in the creative and social media capacity. I have analyzed the competitive landscape and created branding/marketing strategy that has informed company decisions. I have written video treatments for promotional materials as well as edited videos for internal use purposes. The research that I have produced has been used by my entrepreneurs to develop podcasts, write blogs, and create newsletters.

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