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From Broadway-Bound to Business-Bound: How an Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Benefit Everyone

When I started school for musical theatre, I never would have suspected I would graduate with a jobworking for a medical consultant- let alone that it would make me a better performer!

I joined Apprentice looking for a flexible job I could handle on top of classes, and what I got was so much more. In less than six months, I have become a lead editor for a published book, as well as handling marketing, web design, customer service, video creation, newsletters, and more. You may ask- what does any of this have to do with your passion for theatre?

From Broadway-Bound to Business-Bound: How an Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Benefit Everyone

Firstly, it gave me a priceless network of people – not fellow peers at school competing for jobs, or faculty I am trying to schmooze for said jobs – authentic mentors and peers who support me, and push me outside of my comfort zone. Apprentice creates a team of mentors between my entrepreneur, Rob, and Dave, all of whom are helping me grow as a professional. Weekly training on basic skills such as empathy, vulnerability, individuality, and creativity is universal, and essential to any healthy personal life as well as a career. During my first weeks on the job, I was shocked how much crossover there was between my training in class and through Apprentice- the key being confidence and a strong work ethic.

Each day working for my entrepreneur I face new challenges and learn how to prioritize helping others. The ability to take risks and expand my perspective has only served to help my work as a performer. I know how to advocate for myself and provide unique value to others which is necessary for any audition room. And this only goes to prove how universally applicable these skills can be. Every individual, regardless of profession, has their own business and when you apply for a job, you’re asking others to invest in that business – YOU. Apprentice has taught me what a wonderful business I have created in being myself and I look forward to all the future investors I will find

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